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Jul 15
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AWO ALERT: Subchapter M To Take Effect July 20

The Coast Guard will revise the problematic dates in Parts 143,144.
The Coast Guard’s towing vessel inspection rule will become effective on Wednesday, July 20. Although existing vessels are not required to comply with the majority of Subchapter M’s requirements until July 20, 2018, AWO members should be aware of the requirement that does take effect. Read the full AWO Alert.
Jun 27

AWO Letter - June 27, 2016

Read about the recently published Towing Vessel Inspection Rule. Learn why the AWO President & CEO called this a “transformational” year in this issue of the AWO Letter.
Jun 22

AWO Posts Subchapter M Webinar

AWO held two identical webinar sessions to brief members and non-members alike on the content of the Subchapter M rule. The presentations provided an outline of the new requirements, the timeline for their implementation and highlighted changes between the final rule and the proposed rule.